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2018 Update

Central Institute of Buddhist Studies in Choglamsar would like four volunteers to offer English conversation classes (with mini lessons in grammar) for mostly afterschool classes (after 4 pm) for the four hostels. They have requested a preference for foreigners. Apply below.

Another recommended organization you might try is HELP - Himalyan Education Lifeline Program for volunteer opportunites.

1) Complete the application/questionnaire below.

2) We will contact you to schedule a Skype interview or phone call.

3) We will then contact your references.

4) When your application is approved, you will be notified and requested to deposit your registration/application fee. This insures us of your commitment and secures your place in the program. We are responsible to the schools we serve and do not take that commitment lightly. This is non-refundable.

5) Once this fee has been deposited, we will write you confirming your position, dates, and location.
 Once we receive payment we will send you via email the volunteer handbook that will cover all needed information for pre, during, and post service and the Teacher's Manual.

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1. For which project would you like to volunteer?
English Teaching    Environmental Projects
Other, please explain    

2. Start date:    End Date:

3. Your level of English Competency

Speaking: Poor    Fair    Good    Excellent

Writing: Poor    Fair    Good    Excellent

Reading: Poor    Fair    Good    Excellent

Personal Details

4. Full Name as it appears on your passport:

5. Birthdate (Day/Month/Year):

6. Gender:

7. Nationality:

8. Email address:

9. Contact phone number:

10. Skype name (if available):

11. Occupation:

12. Level of Educational:

    Date Completed:

    College or University:

13. Your Address (include house number, street, city, state, zip code, country)

14. Passport number:

15. Do you have international living or travel experience in “developing” countries? Please explain below.

16. Do you have previous volunteer experience? Please give detailed information below. (Where? When? How long? Job description?)

17. Do you have teaching experience? Please provide detailed information below.(Where? When? How long? Job description?)

18. Do you have experience in any of the following areas?

Medical training:     Environmental Education:

Art, music, dance, or drama:     Veterinary training:

Start-up recycling projects:     Hindi Language:     Buddhism:

Arts:     Fundraising:     Film, photography, or media:

Archery :     Solar Technology:     other:    

If you checked any of the boxes above, please provide detailed information here.

19. Have you ever learned another language? Please explain below.

20. Do you have any medical conditions or allergies? And if so, what procedures do you take to care for it?

21. Do you have any psychological problems (depression, trauma, anorexia, etc.) or have you seen a counselor in the past two years? Please explain below.

22. Do you have a criminal record or ever been convicted of a crime? (This does not necessarily preclude your service…we all have a past.)

23. What is your level of physical fitness?

24. If you walked 30 minutes uphill to get to your service placement (school, for example) and found the school closed for the day due to a religious activity, how would you respond? What would you do?

25. What are your hobbies and interests?

26. If you showed up to a remote school and found you had no teaching materials other than a whiteboard and marker, what would you do? (This is likely to be the reality.)

27. What do you do to entertain yourself and sustain yourself when feeling alone, isolated, or bored?

28. What do you expect from this experience?

29. What are you most excited about?

30. What are you anxious about?

31. Do you have any other special needs or considerations?

32. Anything else?

Emergency contact information – Please list two individuals who you would want contacted in case of an emergency

Emergency contact #1.


Telephone number:

Emergency contact #2.


Telephone number:

Provide contact information for two references

Work/Volunteer Supervisor Reference


Telephone number:

Personal Reference



Telephone number:


How did you hear about us?

Questions or comments:

Agree to the terms and conditions: By submitting this application,

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