Monday, October 21, 2013

Young Buddhist Monks Explore Their First Library - by kelly klein

Recent Projects

       Library Projects
Volunteer Ladakh is committed to insuring that every school, public, private, or monastic has a library. While several local and wonderful NGO’s have been incredibly successful in their efforts, there are still many schools without access to books. Together, with their help and yours, it is happening, one school at a time.

These are the results of our most recent projects.

Likir Monastery School Library –
August 2013

Our first books, may not look like much, but we feel rich..
Twenty-six young monks in Liker, who a short time ago had no books, now enjoy a multi-lingual library in English  Ladakhi, Hindi, and Tibetan, the four languages that are taught.  We thank the Avalokitesvara Foundation of Leh and our many international friends for making these educational improvements possible.  Students were taught how to care for the books, organize them, and even taught how to turn pages. Students take turns being librarians and teach the younger ones the same responsibilities. We also provided wall posters (names and pictures of animals, plants, landscapes terms, etc. in English, Ladakhi, Hindi, and Tibetan), a world map, and school supplies such as crayons, colored pencils and paper. For recreation, we purchased a simple piece of rope and a plastic ball.  The rope, strung between two poles served as volleyball net. After five hours of endless play for happy monk teachers and their students, the plastic ball popped!  And so it goes

Dirt floor and broken window..

A variety of carpet pieces, books, and kids!

Shoes stay outside...

Natural history...

Life of the Buddha..

Free time, at the library...

Animal posters, books to explore, and the world..


Our world...


Turning pages...
Can you find mine?

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